Safety Reminders for School Drive-Through

Safety Reminders for Our School Drive-Through:

1.    The left lane is for dropping off or picking up children.  Please do not leave your vehicle for any reason while using that lane.   All students must enter and exit vehicles from the left side (driver’s side) only.

2.    Be sure to pull up to the farthest forward opening in the gate so that we can continue to move everyone up who is in the line behind you.

2.    The right lane is the passing lane for parents who have already dropped off or picked up their children to exit to the right onto Becher Street.   Please do not ever drop off your child from the passing lane.

3.    The parking spaces along the fence next to the drive-through are only for school staff with a designated staff parking sticker.  Identified handicapped parking spaces are only for people who have a handicapped parking permit displayed in their vehicle.

4.    Do not exceed 5 miles per hour when using our drive-through.  The purpose is NOT speed, but the SAFETY of all of our students.

5.    Available parking locations are on both sides of 73rd Street, 74th Street, and Grant Street.  There is NO PARKING directly in front of the school on the south side of Becher Street except for the identified bus and van drop-off location.  Parking is available on the north side of Becher Street. Students are only permitted to cross busy streets in the cross walk with the crossing guard.