School Information

Show School Spirit Every Day of the Week All Year Long!

Monday: "Dress Your Best for Success" - Practice College and Career Readiness by looking your best when you start each week.

Tuesday: "Jefferson Bear Wear" or any combination of our school colors black, white, & red to show your school spirit. 

Wednesday: "Workout Wednesday" - Wear your sweats or relaxed clothing wear so you can get up and move during our Jam-in-a-Minute Brain Break for good health.

Thursday: "Mindfulness Thursdays" - Wear Central Bulldog colors gold & maroon to celebrate your journey to high school graduation following by college or career while practicing mindfulness throughout the day.

Friday: "Team Spirit Day" - Support your favorite local team by wearing your team colors or gear.  Special "Hot Pink Fridays" will be designated several times during the year to remind us that at Jefferson we want to stamp out bullying.

Jefferson Recess Pledge
I am a Jefferson Bear.  
I pledge to be active, honest, and fair so we can all have fun at recess.