Week of January 3, 2017


Team RRRoar/Huebner/Grade 3

Happy New Year and Welcome Back…

So many exciting things coming up in the new year-take a look…


Students are making tremendous progress in their reading. They are becoming much more comfortable on the Achieve 3000 articles with many earning 100% on the activity questions at the end of the articles. Please continue to practice at home on a daily basis.


Students are now entrenched in chapter 5 of MyMath which deals with division/repeated subtraction. Thank you for returning the homework so promptly-we had 100% participation this week-way to go!!!


Our continued studies on Simple Machines (inclined plane, wedge, screw, pulley, wheel & axle, lever) will include reading articles, videos, hands-on activities, and Information Writing lessons.



Please continue to dress your child appropriately for the weather-looks like the students will be back outside for recess.



Team RRRoar

Huebner & Bahl