Week of October 10, 2016

Team RRRoar/Mrs. Bahl & Ms. Huebner/Grade Three

***Fire Prevention Month***

Do you have a safety plan for your home?


  • Conferences will be held on Thursday/ October 20 from 4:30 until 8:00 PM. You will be receiving your conference schedule with your time/date.  These meetings will be for 15 minutes a piece. We plan to run on time and are unable to extend these conferences.  Have any concerns and/or questions planned as to avoid running out of time. Please call if you are unable to attend-in advance-if possible.
  • Thanks for wonderful turn-out for the October 13 conferences.
  • Picture Re-Take Day-November 2.
  • Check out the school website for information about getting a free smoke detector.
  • Don’t miss the Book Fair during conferences

    Pick up a healthy snack to help raise funds Jefferson clubs

  • Continue to practice and look over Math homework-with an emphasis on the various math addition properties:

Associative, Identity, and Commutative




Any questions.

Ms. Huebner

Mrs. Bahl