Month of October 2017

Team RRRoar/Mrs. Bahl & Ms. Huebner/Grade Three


Just a few reminders as we finish the month of October…

  • Continue to send a healthy snack-daily.
  • READING-At-Home Reading Log-please remember to read nightly with your child and RECORD MINUTES with date.
  • MATH- We appreciate the support and help on the homework. But, remember, the work should be done-BY THE STUDENT-we already know the stuff-we hope. Return the homework to school for grading and recording of scores. In addition, we use this information to reteach skills and support your child's strengths/weaknesses.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES-students are working on mapping skills.
  • SCIENCE-We will be starting our Weather Unit during Q2.
  • LIBRARY DAY is Tuesday-remember to send library books back. Students are not allowed to check out books, if books have not been returned.
  • Please remember that school begins at 8:30-when your child enters class late, this often causes stress and it takes your child unnecessary time to get "ready to learn"!
  • Students need to be picked up promptly. Children not picked up at 3:40 are taken to the office and phone calls are made home.

Any questions.

Ms. Huebner-Room 302

Mrs. Bahl-Room 300