End of Quarter 1


Team RRRoar/Huebner/Grade 3

The positive energy keeps flowing through Ms. Huebner’s room everyday.  We work hard to support each other, care about our classmates, and help everyone follow the Jefferson Way-Respect, Responsibility, Ready to Learn…

Here’s what we’ve done during Quarter 1:


READING – We are learning to become BETTER READERS.  We read Achieve 3000 articles many times during the week-with the whole class, small groups, and independently.  We want to see our Lexile levels go UP. 

They have- by 83%! Way to go!

WRITING – Writing Opinion pieces has been challenging, but fun!  Our class wrote an Opinion/Persuasive letter to Mrs. Wall about having an area on the playground set aside for playing football.  Mrs. Wall, Mr. Weiss, and Mr. Barthuly are working on making that happen.  How exciting!

MATH – Our My Math program has been a lot of work.  We working on learning place value, rounding, estimating, and adding and subtracting up to 4-digit numbers.  Plus, we have a lot of homework.  Wow!

BEHAVIOR – Our class is excited about being the first group to earn 30 tickets.  The reward is having lunch with Mrs. Wall near the stage.  We can’t eat on the stage because of too many crumbs.  Oh, well!  We even got a cookie treat-YUMMY!

Finally, our class takes care of others by being the group who brought in the most money for the United Way-$86.85.  The United Way helps groups who need help in many areas.  We even got to enjoy an extra recess for our good works.

Our class can’t wait to start Quarter 2…