POD Team RRRoar

Welcome to POD Team RRRoar!

Ms. Bahl & Ms. Huebner
Team RRRoar

Together, our third graders, work together to seek knowledge that promotes the Jefferson Way of:

*being responsible
*ready to learn

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone:
Ms. Huebner email-huebnerk@wawmsd.org
Ms. Bahl Email-bahlm@wawmsd.org
School office: 604-4100
Ms. Bahl x1352
Ms. Huebner x1351

Homework Policy
Unless child has a written note for unfinished homework assignments, student will receive a card flip.
The child must still return assignment the following day.

End of Day Pick-Up
PLEASE make sure your child is picked up-ON TIME-everyday at 3:30.
Call office and leave message if an emergency arises.
***Students in the CLC program need to notify office
if student will not be attending***

Every Tuesday is library return day!!