POD Team Heart

We are...
  Team Heart!

We are Ms. Everson, Ms. Aiello, Sarah Bhadkamkar, Mr. Dakin, Ms. Dakins, Ms. Stagl, Mr. Ivanyos, Ms. Butler and Mr. Schwartz.

We supply students with individualized instruction and scaffolded support within the classroom.

We also design individualized teacher resources which ensure flexible, personalized instruction for all students. 

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions!

 Jenna Everson, 1-3 SPED |
 Christopher Schwartz, 4-5 SPED 
 Chris Dakin ID - Self Contained | Rachel Stagl, k4/k5 SPED
Arpad Ivanyos ELL Specialist K5 - 5 | Caroline Aiello GCT Coordinator  
  Sarah Bhadkamkar Speech Language Therapist