School Profile

Jefferson Elementary School is located at 7229 W. Becher Street, West Allis, Wisconsin. Serving students in 4-year old Kindergarten through fifth grade, Jefferson has a population of over 575 students and a staff of over 50. Being a SAGE school, our primary classrooms have a ratio of 18 students per teacher; whereas our intermediate classrooms range from 26-30 students. Our goal is for every student who enters kindergarten and attends our school through fifth grade to graduate from high school with his or her cohort class. We celebrate the date our students will graduate, knowing that we are one stepping stone toward our students meeting their career goals.

Jefferson School is affiliated with the 4K Recreation Center, located at 2450 S. 68th Street.  A full day of programming is offered for our four-year-old students who will attend kindergarten at either Jefferson or Longfellow School.  We emphasize building social skills that are necessary for success in the school setting, while introducing beginning academic concepts.

Although the staff has a wide range of educational background, they all have one central focus: being child centered through personalized learning. We teach literacy by following a model of Balanced Instruction that includes guided reading and comprehensive writing at each child's developmental level. We strive to integrate social studies and science in our literacy blocks through units of inquiry. Our approach to mathematics includes a balance of understanding, computing, applying, reasoning, and performance tasks. All of our classes in kindergarten through grade 5 have fully implemented the use of iPads as a learning tool designed to build our students' 21st century skills. Our specialty programs include art, vocal music, orchestra, band, physical education, and social-emotional learning (SEL) classes which are taught by trained counselors. Our student support service is staffed with a school counselor, special education teachers, a gifted and talented teacher, reading specialists and an English-Language Learner (ELL) teacher.

We are a TRIBES/PBIS School which emphasizes community building and the Jefferson 3Rs: Respect, Responsibility, and Ready to Learn. Many student incentives are provided to encourage good citizenship and academic success such as daily classroom awards, STAR Awards for behavioral recognition, BEAR Awards for academic recognition, and quarterly Jefferson Fests. Community services that work hand-in-hand with Jefferson are the Recreation Department that sponsors our SAFE After-School Program, the West Allis Police Department that sponsors our THINK Program for fifth graders, the West Allis Fire Department that sponsors a Fire Prevention Week Program for all students in kindergarten through grade 3 and Survive Alive for grades 1 and 4, and the West Allis Health Department.  We have received many contributions from our friends and supporters from Luther Memorial Church.  

Student activities vary throughout the year and by grade level but include: intramurals, student council, peer mediators, safety cadets, student talent show, early bird hoops, chorus, Read Across America, classroom buddies, and Therapy Reading Dogs. We have a highly involved PTA that sets up and provides monthly family activities such as skating, dances, swimming and a reading carnival.  Programs for both boy scouts and girl scouts that build community connections are also offered.

Our school is proud of its many accomplishments. We have been recognized as a Wisconsin School of Recognition for the past five years.  We have been recognized as a Wisconsin School of Distinction for our school wide PBIS Program during the 2014-15 school year. During the 2013-14 school year, we were ranked 20th on the list of 2,114 schools in the State of Wisconsin for closing the achievement gap with our students.  That places us in the top 1%! Our school's continued emphasis on helping every single child to succeed both academically and behaviorally is the reason for our success.