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Good Afternoon Families,   Happy first day of Spring! I know we all in Team Soar are excited for jacket free weather. With that in mind, we have a HUGE pile of unclaimed items in the lost and found located in the hallway outside of our multi-purpose room and gymnasium. Please remind students to take a peek at the coats, sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, and lost toys as they will be donated to Goodwill during spring break.   Speaking of spring break, we do have school next week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We will return from break on Monday, April 9. Report Cards should be made available by the end of that week.   In literacy we will start a new unit before break and finish it up after we return. We will be working on decoding the all and aw sounds, determining adjectives, antonyms, and sequence of a story. Students will also have continued practice in reading fluently, with expression, and reading stamina. Our next spelling test will take place on Monday, March 26. The words are listed below.   Spelling list: call, mall, small, stall, wall, baseball, basketball, hallway, fallen, taller   Our next spelling test will take place after spring break on Wednesday, April 11.   In math we have moved onto working with money, counting money, and solve word problems involving money. To help your student you can have them count money, subtract coins, and ask everyday questions related to money. Perhaps involving tooth fairy money or grocery shopping lists, even an allowance.   We are continuing on our journey across the globe exploring landforms and taking notes along the way. This week students will finish up working on mountains and then move onto glaciers and oceans when we return from spring break. We will soon be wrapping this unit up after we research more about our own surroundings. After this unit is finished we will take a look at plants and then space.
Posted by Jennifer Culp  On Mar 20, 2018 at 1:04 PM 1 Comment
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