March 12 Update
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Hello Families,   Well the kids really enjoyed our slightly cold field trip last week! We learned all about what maple trees look like and what we can do with the sap from the tree. WEHR Nature Center was advertising Maple Sugar Days March 24-25 if anyone is interested in more information please see their website:   Our next spelling test will take place on Monday, March 19. Please see the words below. We will continue working on creating contractions with pronouns this week as well as looking at idioms, and comparing and contrasting.   Spelling List: paper, even, silent, open, super, their, now, always, because, been   In math we are working on reading and creating our own graphs. We will  and have looked at tally graphs, picture graphs, bar graphs, and line graphs. We will then move on to money. Any extra counting and practice adding and subtracting coins at home is always appreciated.   In writing and inquiry we have just landed in Santorini Greece where we will be investing volcanoes and islands. Students will continue working on summarizing their notes, labeling land formations, and working collaboratively in a group.   I have a feeling we will be having a Kurplunk party in the near future as there are only 4 balls left in our container. We will plan to have this the last day before spring break.   I sent home a permission slip for our field trip with Team Inspire to the UW-Milwaukee Planetarium. I know this field trip doesn’t take place until the end of May, however I wanted to pace out our field trip slips as when students return I will be sending another trip slip out for a boat tour of Milwaukee on Lake Michigan for the end of the year. Please have planetarium field trip slips returned by FRIDAY MARCH 16!!!!!!   As always, if you want to chaperone, I ask that you have an active background check filled out in the office. They are free and typically come back within 5 days of their completion.   Have a great week! 
Posted by Jennifer Culp  On Mar 12, 2018 at 2:46 PM
Recent Posts
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