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Update March 6   Good Morning Families,   This week in Superkids we are starting a new unit. We will be working on creating contractions with pronouns, determining homophones and which ones should be used when. We will also be comparing and contrasting within the same and multiple stories.   Our next spelling test will be on Monday, March 12, the words are: I’m, He’s, she’s, it’s, we’re, you’re I’ll, we’ll, she’ll, you’ll   Following that our next spelling test will take place on Monday, March 19. The words are listed below. Super, open, paper, even, silent, always, now, their, been, because     In math we have also started a new unit on measurement and data. We have started to investigate reading and creating graphs. This unit will take us to the end of the year with looking at time, measurement, weight, money, and geometry to round out the year.   In writing and inquiry we are continuing our journey around the world investigating and learning about landforms. We will continue to work on taking notes, labeling landforms, and writing our own nonfiction book about landforms.     We do have our field trip on Thursday come rain, shine, or snow. With the most recent snow fall the ground has a high probability of being muddy and/or wet. We will be outside for the majority of our day. PLEASE! Send students with their winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and WINTER BOOTS! We will be back in time for lunch so students DO NOT NEED A BAG LUNCH! If my wonderful chaperones could please be here around 8:50 that would be great! We will be boarding the bus around 9:00am. Our chaperones are: Mrs. Kisch, Mrs. Hererra, Mrs. Dohrmann, and Mrs. Grubb.   I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Posted by Jennifer Culp  On Mar 06, 2018 at 2:41 PM
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