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Hello Families,   I hope your kiddos enjoyed an extended weekend! Coming up in Superkids we will continue to work on the tricky Y that sometimes makes the long e or long I sound. We will also work on comparing with the endings “er” and “est.” Our next spelling test will be taking place on Thursday, March 1. The words are listed below.   Spelling test: say, may, play, happier, happiest, down, too, work, many, first.   In math we are working on rounding to the tens and hundreds spot, followed by estimation and multi-step word problems.   In writing and inquiry, we are starting to learn and write facts about landforms and the places we will be traveling to in order to see them. Students will be working on writing notes, pulling out the main pieces of the text, and citing evidence.   Just a reminder we do have our field trip to the WHER Nature Center on March 8. We will be going rain or shine, warm or cold; so please dress appropriately. We will be learning about the many beautiful maple trees we have in Wisconsin and the amazing products (syrup) we can gather from them. We will be leaving at 9:00am and returning roughly around 11:30; students DO NOT NEED A BAG LUNCH! Our chaperones for this trip are: Abby’s Mom, Vanesa’s Mom, Claire’s Mom, and Makenzie’s Mom.   All Read to Succeed Six Flags reading logs are due MARCH 1. I unfortunately cannot accept late forms. The website does not allow for late entries; please make sure your student turns them in on time!   On Thursday, March 1 I am holding parent teacher conferences. I will send out reminders next week to families with whom I will be meeting with.   Have a great rest of your week!   Mrs. Culp
Posted by Jennifer Culp  On Feb 20, 2018 at 1:45 PM
Recent Posts
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