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Hello Families,   We are moving onto unit 10 in Superkids which means we will be focusing our attention on the the tricky “y.” We will look at words in which y says long I and long e as well as how ay says long a. We will also be investigating and using adjectives, homophones, and review the endings “er” and “est.” In terms of reading we will be looking at cause and effect, sequence of events, author’s purpose, reading fluently, and reading with expression.   Our next spelling test will take place on Wednesday, February 21, due to our snow day. The words are below.   By, fly, try, cry, belly, jelly, smelly, bunny, funny, sunny   In writing we are finishing our friendly letters to our new pen pals. We will continue writing back and forth to them for the remainder of the year. Ask your student about their new friend!   We will be combining our writing and inquiry units for the next several weeks. We will be learning about different landforms and regions. The writing skills incorporated into those lessons will be note taking, writing evidence to support a claim, and justifying their thinking with full and complete sentences. We have also started a mini unit on the 2018 Winter Olympics.   In math we will be moving onto working with double digit subtraction with and without regrouping, rounding to the tens and hundreds spot, as well as estimation. After that mini unit, we will start to work on measurement and data which includes things such as creating and reading graphs, measuring with a ruler to the nearest half inch, counting money, telling time to the nearest half hour (maybe quarter hour, hopefully!), determining which unit of measurement is best to use when measuring, and also investigating and counting volume.   We will be having our “Friendship Party” on Wednesday. Again, I ask that if you being in a valentine or treat please have enough for all 20 students. I also kindly ask that students sign their own name to their valentine to make it more convenient to hand them all out. Students can bring in a box, no bigger than a a shoe box starting tomorrow to collect their items.   Have a great week!
Posted by Jennifer Culp  On Feb 12, 2018 at 12:52 PM
Our next spelling test will take place on Friday, February 9. The words are listed below. In literacy we will continue to work on contractions with n't as well as determining author's purpose. We will work with comprehension skills and responding with writing to questions related to the text. We will continue working on writing friendly letters as well.   SPELLING WORDS: can't, won't, don't, boy, girl, two, four, about, over, before   In math we are working on double digit addition with and with our regrouping and then move into subtraction with double digits. Again, with and without regrouping.
Posted by Jennifer Culp  On Feb 05, 2018 at 8:36 AM